How Am I…?


Communication, you fickle, little bitch!

The harder we try to open your doors,

The worse everything seems to get fricked!


I’ve re-read those lines

3 fricken times, and somehow it all

Comes out that everything rhymes?

Oh-that’s right, we’ve lost our mind;

Everything’s fine, just stay in line…


I wobble…I’m clumsy…I ask questions…

I’m rambling, it’s interfering with a poem

She was trying to write…where’s the line?

Which line…? No more mind, oh how sublime!!

It’s closing time!


(Thank the heavens! What a swine! Right?

Turning our confusion into verbal-logic wine!

No wonder we’re losing our minds! Running

away now ‘cause I don’t think I’m fine!!?)


K. Scheuer ©12/20/2013

(Found this in one of my notebooks)

Photo found on Facebook

Photo found on Facebook


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