Not Giving In


So lately we’ve been talking lots

and it’s been really good,

hard, deep and soulful talks;

but they’ve got me walking

down some dimly lit halls

and I’m afraid.


Can you promise me

you’ll always stand beside me?

Even at those times

when you might need to carry me?



Guess I know the answer now.

You abandoned me quite long ago.

Sorry to say-you’ll have to show

Your cowardly ass

has been in search

of a way to get out

for several years now.

Lucky for you I’m so unstable?

Hoping I’ll slit my own wrists one night

whilst sitting at the dinner table?

So sad, too bad;

of some sane thoughts

I am still able!


 K. Scheuer ©06/18/2013-10/07/2014


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