“Seriously Though…”




Everything keeps

flipping up backwards!

I know people care,

Yet it feels

so lonely in here.


As chaos rings out

I don’t mean to shout;

It’s so loud

I can’t even think!

Forgiving is easy,

I’m no angel myself.

It’s the forgetting

that’s the hard part;

Damage done,

worlds’ blown apart.


I’ve been broken

since I was

a small child,

But I’ve

always had

my Faith

and my heart.

I don’t give in


a silver lining


But even Faith

needs something

to exist

before it can

attempt a restart.


Everything is


and flopped

upside down;

Tell me, can you hear

all the laughter?

Hello is I love you,

I’m fucked up is Goodbye;

Again, what have I

to offer?


Kyla Scheuer ©01.20.2016




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