I want to wrap

you in a tight


Whisper “It’s okay,

everything will be alright.”

But I cannot force

you to stay.

You continue

to keep trying

to push me

so far away.

And still here

I am always,

Arms open wide

with your mother’s

forever loving


©K. Scheuer 06.13-15.2017


So…In Case You Don’t Know…

These days I find,

to me it seems; 

I fail excellently

in communications.

Too much to say

with no sane way

to find the words to say it.

But I think of you all

with so much affection and love

every single day.

How blessed I am

to have you all in

my life and in my corner.

Little trinkets,

pieces of me;

Everything has meaning,

“Why this piece for me?”

I wish I could express-

like I guess others do;

But I am me,

and I pray all of you

know just how

so very much

I love you.

©K. M. Scheuer 06.08-13.2017